Dan Fougere

Chief Revenue Officer at Datadog


In the three years Fougere has worked at Datadog, a cloud application monitoring solution, he hasn’t wasted a minute. He has doubled the size of the sales team year over year, creating a thoughtful, effective, and specialized sales workforce. Prior to his time at Datadog, Fougere was Head of Global Sales at Medallia, where he helped develop a go-to-market approach that not only increased annual revenue tenfold, but also grew the company’s sales team from seven to 300 people. In his current role as Chief Revenue Officer, Fougere leverages his two decades of software and sales experience to maximize revenue, company valuation, and customer satisfaction and loyalty. His track record indicates that he’s onto something: Four of the five most recent companies he’s worked for have been unicorns. Fougere is known for his growth mindset, which spurs him to continuously learn, grow, and improve in all aspects of his role. He encourages his team to approach their work in a similar way.