Donald Berryman

Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

Financial services and companies associated with the so-called trust economy, such as Airbnb and Zipcar, have been a boon for Miami-based Sitel over the past few years, and Berryman has sought to capitalize on recent gains from that new crop of clients by investing heavily in big data and artificial intelligence. Meant to buoy the company’s already considerable IT and technical-support capabilities, the swan dive into bleeding-edge data technology comes at a time when 75 percent of all companies believe their top objective is to improve customer experience, according to a 2016 study by Spigit, the San Francisco–based innovation management company. Berryman, a 30-year information technology veteran, has wagered on the future without forgetting the fundamentals. “People are at the core of the company,” Berryman, a Michigan State University grad, wrote on LinkedIn. “Smart people doing what they do best and having fun doing it. Providing vision and leadership to a group like that is my goal.”