Edwin Robles

Senior Vice President, Head of Sales, U.S. Higher Education at Cengage


As Cengage works to provide students at universities affected by COVID-19 free access to their education materials, Robles is busy spearheading a major change within the organization. He is transforming Cengage’s sales model to a customer-focused, account-based coverage model, which he says will give his team of 500-plus greater ownership over their work. And this isn’t the first time Robles is championing internal change. In his previous role as Vice President of Sales Learning and Talent Development, he built a “sales learning and talent development program designed to give every sales professional who seeks the opportunity a personalized learning path towards leadership.” This program resulted in both improved sales performance and talent retention. In his current role, Robles is responsible for inside, career, and institutional sales teams at the company, while also leading sales strategy, operations, learning and development, customer success, and digital services.