Erika Bzdel

Vice President, Enterprise Sales, North America at Allego

Bzdel, a sales pro with a background in financial services, now wields her talents at Allego, a sales readiness platform that serves clients such as Tableau, TripAdvisor, and Red Hat. Recently, on the Over Quota podcast, she discussed her strategy for managing sales teams through the COVID-19 pandemic. “This is a human health crisis, this isn’t a market change or a recession … this is a health crisis first, and we’re all human,” Bzdel said.
“The more you can be authentic and empathetic to the person you’re speaking to, the better.” A colleague who reported to Bzdel directly said that she makes an impact when she enters a room. “Her boundless enthusiasm inspires. Her words pave thoughts. Her drive knocks down walls. She manages with complete transparency to accelerate team impact/success,” he said. “If you want to boost revenue and market share, get her on your team.”