Holly Paeper

Vice President/General Manager, Commercial Head, Strategic Sales and Operations at Trane Technologies


Paeper is a quintuple-threat, with proven skills in management, sales, marketing, analytics, and strategy. She’s a P&L owner with a strong track record at Fortune 200 companies across fields, from energy to tech to health and more. In 2019, the Business Intelligence Group named Paeper Enterprise Woman of the Year. In a LinkedIn post earlier this year, she wrote about the effects of COVID-19 on both personal and professional relationships: “Most of us have some or most members of our teams that work in different locations, and it’s been so easy to just settle into conference calls and forget about fostering deeper virtual connections. With the tools of today, it’s so easy to just click on that ‘start video’ button. And, that one click, changes everything … Let’s embrace this opportunity – the learnings we have been ‘forced’ to acknowledge. And, instead of thinking about shelter-in-place, let’s figure out how to ‘progress’-in-place!”