Jimmy Kehoe

Head of Vodafone Business Digital Sales at Vodafone Business


Kehoe has approached the various sales leadership roles he’s held throughout his 21 years in the industry in much the same way: with a positive outlook and a steadfast commitment to his customers and colleagues. A former colleague describes Kehoe’s enthusiasm as “infectious.” This attitude serves him well in his current role as General Manager of Vodafone Business Digital Sales, the company’s global B2B inside sales organization responsible for sales, business and sales operations, marketing, HR, and finance. Kehoe’s past experience is both extensive and impressive and includes stints at VMWare, Oracle, and Dell. As a leader who is passionate about the future of sales, Kehoe shared his thoughts in a blog post on the ways that COVID-19 will change business as usual. “With a half-full glass perspective, I’m convinced we will learn new things, new (and better) ways to communicate, and maybe see the world of business in a new light. We will be more aware of our capabilities and will know of new ways to overcome challenges.” Outside of his passion for sales, Kehoe is also a dad, junior basketball coach, and avid triathlete.