Daniel Futter

Chief Commercial Officer at The Dow Chemical Company


Futter is a customer experience, B2B, and e-commerce pro with a great deal of experience in the materials science and chemical field. He is passionate about connecting with both customers and employees so they feel fulfilled, and he sees the two as closely intertwined: “You can’t deliver great CX [customer experience] unless your people enjoy what they are doing, and for them to have great EX [employee experience] they have to feel purpose, appreciation, and the sense of belonging that comes from inclusion,” he wrote on Twitter. Those who have worked with Futter are inspired by his charisma and energy. “Working for Dan was a key formative experience in my career, and I always think of his example when it comes to how to inspire a team, how to lead change, and how to think about customer experience,” a colleague of Futter’s said. “He is able to create a feeling of energy, adventure, and entrepreneurship in a big company that you typically only find in start-ups.” In addition to his focus on customers and employees, Futter is enthusiastic about sustainability and the global reduction of plastic waste.