Lisa Yeoh

Vice President Commercial Operations, Asia Pacific at CooperVision


Yeoh is a business-building pro who brings a multicultural flair to every project she works on. She has lived in five countries across Asia Pacific and North America and has worked in China, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, and more. Her intrapreneurial spirit drives her in each role, including her current one as a Vice President at contact lens provider CooperVision. She is passionate about the inclusion of diverse professionals and diverse ways of thinking to improve decision-making and outcomes. Yeoh also cares deeply about making a difference in her community and has served on multiple non-profit boards, including The American Chamber of Commerce and as President of the Singapore Association for Pharmaceutical Industries. In an interview with HRM TV, Yeoh compared sustainability in leadership development to environmental sustainability and stressed the importance of a long-term approach to nurturing leaders. “We would want the current generation to use what they need to use without overusing such that it depletes resources for the next generation of leaders,” she said. “So in terms of sustainability, once you have identified your leadership candidates, you don’t just invest today and forget about them tomorrow, it needs to go the whole continuum.”