Marc Boroditsky

Chief Revenue Officer at Twilio Inc.


Boroditsky is an experienced sales professional and entrepreneur with four software startups under his belt, two of which he sold to Oracle and communications giant Twilio. Since he’s been through the startup cycle several times, he understands every stage of the process, from nothing but a concept to market optimization at scale. He’s also known for building strong teams that deliver exceptional results. In a 2020 episode of the podcast “Charge,” Boroditsky explained some of the challenges of working in secure communications: “We’re an extremely agile organization, we do hundreds of releases a year. We’re constantly addressing weaknesses that we discovered from the past, and we’re constantly innovating to address weaknesses as we anticipate in the future.” One such release is the chatbot template Twilio developed for health organizations to share COVID-19 information with the public.