Mark Roberts

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Applications at Texas Instruments


Roberts began his career at Texas Instruments, the semiconductor design and manufacturing company famous for its graphing calculators, in 1998 as a technical sales associate. “I am humbled and excited to take on this role,” he said upon his promotion to Senior Vice President in July of 2020. “I am personally committed to making sure that our sales and applications team members are equipped to deliver results and provide best-in-class support to our customers.” Roberts is notable for his philanthropic commitment, serving on the board at the TI Foundation, which supports STEM education as well as social issues like hunger, homelessness, and at-risk young people. During the COVID-19 pandemic, TI helped client Masimo increase their production of wearable technology that can track vital signs and oxygen levels. Groups of TI employees around the world have also raised money for food banks and other charities supporting pandemic relief efforts.