Matt Renner

President of US Enterprise Commercial Sales at Microsoft


Microsoft’s department of US Enterprise Commercial Sales delivers cloud solutions to the country’s largest commercial customers, and Renner is the perfect person to be at the helm. His resume is stacked with expertise, from his most recent role as Executive Vice President of Cloud Sales at Salesforce to his role as Senior Vice President of Sales at Oracle. He manages relationships for over 2,000 of Microsoft’s largest U.S. accounts and leads a robust team of over 3,300 people. Renner says his passion for sales started at a young age. “I have been selling since I was a small boy,” he said. “From papers to pizzas to software, I have always enjoyed the accomplishment of connecting people to something that can help them.” When it comes to advice for other leaders, on an episode of the podcast “The Reboot Chronicles,” Renner offered guidance that applies across all industries in the age of COVID-19. He recommended that leaders take “a mindful approach” to decision-making, whether that means “optimizing and accelerating or reinventing” during these uncertain times. And Microsoft is indeed helping in the process of reinventing. In June 2020, the company announced a goal to train 25 million people around the world in the digital skills they’ll need to thrive in the modern workplace.