Mike Weir

Chief Revenue Officer at G2


Weir’s expertise lies in both marketing and sales leadership, and his impressive career has found him at Fortune 500 companies as well as venture-funded startups. It’s this unique and diverse background that has led him to prioritize internal alignment between sales and marketing as the key to a “powerful revenue engine rooted in customer voice.” Currently, Weir heads up G2’s global go-to-market strategy for revenue, customer success, and partnerships, a role that allows him to leverage his innate ability to navigate the ever-evolving world of tech sales to create exceptional client experiences. Previously, Weir spent eight years at LinkedIn, where he was instrumental in helping LinkedIn Marketing Solutions become what it is today. Outside of his experience in driving successful go-to-market strategies, Weir is also skilled at building effective teams that deliver best in class marketing campaigns. In the past, he has shared his expertise at several speaking engagements around the world, always making it a point to experience the culture of each place he visits.