Mollie Spilman

Chief Revenue Officer at Oracle Advertising and Marketing Cloud


Spilman is a 20-plus-year media veteran whose prior gigs include roles at Criteo,, and Yahoo!. She is passionate about inclusion and diversifying the ranks of business. Spilman has written articles for Fortune, Quartz, and more, including one powerful piece about how women shouldn’t consider a career and family as an either/or situation. “Winning professionally and personally means creating long-term goals rather than focusing on short-term tasks and ‘sweating the small stuff,’” she wrote in the Quartz article. “I’ve learned that striving for the long-term is more achievable and just as rewarding. There are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything we’d like to get done. If you don’t set realistic expectations for yourself, you’ll end up feeling guilty and unmotivated.” When it comes to reaching company goals and achieving growth, Spilman believes in the power of team effort. “For me, success is not personal,” she said in an interview with Campaign. “I feel successful when everyone around me feels successful.”