Norman Gennaro

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales at Zendesk


When Gennaro joined customer-service software company Zendesk, the team was thrilled to have him. “Norman’s expertise having scaled and grown some of the world’s fastest-growing enterprise sales organizations will be an enormous asset,” Mikkel Svane, CEO, Founder, and Chairman, said. His most recent project prior to joining Zendesk was at Amazon Web Services, where he built the mid-market segment for North America into a multi-billion dollar business. Before that, during the 16 years he spent at Oracle, he served as the Vice President of the company’s North America sales consulting organization and co-authored four sales- and strategy-related patents. The list of leadership and management awards Gennaro earned at both AWS and Oracle is long and includes AWS Worldwide Sales Manager of the Year and the Oracle Direct VP Leadership Award, among others.