Patrick Cadic

Chief Revenue Officer at Ware2Go


During his time as Vice President of Sales at fintech startup, Zest AI, Cadic was part of a transformation that involved using AI and machine learning to change credit underwriting models. He joined Ware2Go after seeing that the company was headed in a similar direction, with the ability to create a better model for e-commerce fulfillment. Across all of the organizations Cadic has been a part of, he’s proven his knack for creating consistent sales and revenue growth. He’s known for his creativity, focus, and ability to build successful teams. One of Cadic’s mentors said, “… Patrick has broken the code for how to scale. His recruitment strategy was very innovative, looking in non-traditional places for sales talent, then developing and executing an onboarding program that gets people producing in probably half the time that other organizations realize.” Cadic was part of eSellerCafe’s eCommerce influencer series and is also a Forbes Council member.