Rakhi Voria

Director, IBM Global Digital Sales Development at IBM


At tech bastion IBM, Voria leads a 350-member team in charge of pushing client engagement and progressing and closing deals. Prior to her time at IBM, Voria spent six years in sales at Microsoft. She was one of the first employees to join the organization’s inside sales team and helped grow their digital sales force to 2,000 sellers with over $8 billion in business. She is passionate about getting more women into the sales workforce. “In the organizations that I’ve been in, I’ve pushed leaders to set thoughtful goals to ensure a balance of gender diversity in our sales forces and to continue investments that acquire female talent — resulting in many sales teams with over 50% women,” she said in an interview with Ladies Get Paid. Voria is a member of The Forbes Business Development Council and has written about gender diversity and spoken about the topic on multiple panels and podcasts.