Robert Frati

Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Success at Slack


Frati’s resume is a who’s who of leading tech firms, from Oracle to Salesforce to NetSuite. For the past two decades, he’s perfected the process of building sales teams for enterprise products and services. At a Slack conference, he discussed how Slack is a solution for the workplaces of tomorrow. “The very nature of communication is changing, and when you communicate with the younger generation, you’re probably not sending them an email,” he said. “I can only reach my daughter through Snapchat. And the research is backing this up. Individuals under 24, almost exclusively communicate through messaging. And this is the workforce of tomorrow.” His work over the last three years at Slack has contributed to the company’s status as the fastest-growing business app ever to exist. Before Slack, during the decade he spent at Salesforce, Frati grew sales across verticals and across the world. Slack has expanded significantly as a result of the increase in remote work brought on by COVID-19. Frati recently shared that the company surpassed 130,000 paid customers, with an addition of 8,000 paid customers in Q2 of this year alone.