Russell Williamson

Vice President of Corporate Accounts at Abbott


Williamson’s resume features an array of diverse and impressive experience, from serving as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army to working his way up to Vice President and General Manager at Pfizer. Williamson’s current role at global healthcare organization Abbott entails overseeing every aspect of their accounts, both corporate and national. He’s a strategist, goal-setter, and goal-meeter, as well as a growth expert. Among his present and former colleagues, he’s known as a visionary and engaged leader. “He has the ability to see things strategically and approach things from an analytical perspective with compassion. Russell’s amazing ability to cultivate relationships is a thing of wonder,” a former colleague of Williamson’s said. “He is an extremely hard worker and is very adroit managing complex customers. He is also adept working with cross functional teams in a highly matrixed environment under pressure.” Abbott has been a significant contributor to the fight against COVID-19. They’ve developed several generations of COVID-19 tests and are supporting their partners to ensure that medical equipment, diagnostic tools, and other needs are fulfilled on time.