Ryan Barretto

President at Sprout Social, Inc.

At Sprout Social, a social media management solutions provider, Barretto leads a team of about 350 people and has helped the company scale from less than $30 million to more than $100 million in just a few years. On Sprout Social’s Adapt blog, Barretto wrote about how being a parent has made him a better leader. “Before having children I was much more emotional in the workplace. I’d allow things like a low-performing month to negatively — and visibly — affect me. Now I realize just how toxic that kind of behavior is and that even my solemn silence might be sending the wrong message,” he wrote. “When my team has a particularly tough month, I make it a point to call a meeting and acknowledge that it wasn’t due to a lack of focus or effort. Proactivity prevents them from assuming I’m angry or frustrated, and positivity is more encouraging and inspiring than any lecture or rant.” Prior to joining Sprout Social, Barretto spent over a decade at Salesforce. He is a board member at Sales Assembly and re:work training, which focuses on training Chicago’s untapped communities and diversifying hiring practices within the tech industry.