Sal Abbate

Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer 

Prior to joining Veritiv, a business-to-business distributor of packaging, print and publishing products, Abbate rose among the rank and file as a senior vice president at Andersen Windows & Doors. While there, he spearheaded two major international acquisitions in excess of $200 million and rode herd on several start-up projects for the company, ultimately leading it to success through his “energetic” leadership style. Now, at Atlanta-based Veritiv, the Georgia Tech industrial-engineering graduate serves as senior vice president and chief commercial officer in a rapidly evolving industry in the midst of transitioning to more environmentally friendly products. In July, for example, the company teamed with Carvajal Pulp and Paper to market its latest product, Earth Pact paperboard, a line of sustainable paper packaging. “As the market changes, as our competitive set reacts, I think we have to just continually and iteratively apply the tools we have now to make course corrections along the way,” Abbate said in response to a question about his sales strategy during an interview in 2014, when he served as chief sales and marketing officer at Andersen. Certainly, four years later, Abbate is taking his own advice and staying the course.