Teri Robb

Vice President of Sales at Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.


Robb has been a sales leader at Check Point Software, a top provider of cyber security solutions, for 11 years. In total, she has over two decades of high-tech sales experience. Robb fell into her sales career somewhat by accident. She took a sales job fresh out of college while looking for something else, but ended up loving the role so much that she’s continued on the sales path ever since. Part of the early pioneers who saw the Internet’s potential, Robb spent seven years at Compuserve, one of the first major online service providers. After almost three decades of sales success, Robb described her “secret sauce” as her ability to really listen and see all sides of what clients think, as well as her ability to bring consensus to the room. Outside of the sales world, Robb enjoys spending time outdoors, running, and boating.